ZESTO – Northbridge

For the last 18 months we have used Idealpos and MCR as our preferred solution. Previously we used other systems, but Idealpos is far better, easier to use and I would not change it

What I love about the system is its reliability and easy ability to change prices and add products. Our old systems were all a lot more cumbersome and expensive to support. We hardly ever need to call MCR because it is so easy.

Zesto is a wonderful Inner City Bar servicing local businesses closely positioned to the NIB Stadium. We use Idealpos for Order taking and Stock Control. We have kitchen printing for our food orders and redirect cabinet and drink orders to our POS printer.


  • Bar and Cafe Food Sales
  • Fast Service Clients
  • Tracking Orders
  • POS Sales
  • Price Management
  • Stock Control
  • Employee Time Sheets

Idealpos v7

  • POS Terminal
  • Kitchen Printing
  • Docket Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Back Office Access via Teamviewer
  • Email Reports
  • Stock Control
  • Product Ordering
  • Customer loyalty
  • Employee Time Sheets

FAST RELIABLE SYSTEM that has local support integrates into EFTPOS
speeds up sales, Stock Control, Employee Reporting, Local Onsite Support when needed, which is not often, Fast and Knowledgeable Support Staff, Saves Time and Allows us to know profit margins on everything we sell

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