5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a POS System

Choosing a POS system is a heavy investment and should be done very carefully. Whether it’s confusion about which hardware is best for you or which software should get installed on the system—we have it all figured out for you!

Here are some of the five things you should put into consideration before you buy a POS System:

1.     User Friendliness

Assuming you aren’t any pro-tech genius, you must take into consideration the user-friendliness of your POS system. It is important your POS system is easy to setup and use. This is because you will be one operating the POS system and training your employees. The whole process should be precise to save everyone’s time and energy.

Make sure you ask questions related to your POS system’s usability from your vendor to help you choose between the many options. This is also the right time to ask for references to their previous clients so you can get their feedback firsthand.

2.     Customer service support

If you are looking for a POS system for your retail shop, it is important for you to understand that retail shops need to operate 24/7. This means, someone has to be available at all times. You must ensure that your new POS system is incorporated with a stellar customer support system whether it is through livechat, emails, text or phones. This is because if, at some point, a customer needs assistance and finds an absence of support, you would not only be losing your sales and revenue, but also a loyal customer.

3.     Reports

A POS system performs more than just the basic functions of incurring transactions. Investment in your POS systems is quite rewarding since it allows stock management, data access and makes work easier for employees.

However, you need reports on different aspects of your retail such as:

  • Inventory reorder
  • Top/lowest selling items
  • Arrangement of sales and transactions by date
  • Arrangement of inventory by date
  • ‘X’ and ‘Z’ reports

As you are investing heavy amounts of finance in to buying your POS system and its software, make sure that the system allows you a portable access to updates regarding your transactional activities.

4.     Integration

Integration is basically the incorporation of different applications that allow you to carry out operations in one single place. For example, your old POS system might only be capable of carrying out financial transactions and to respond to customers, you had to open your retail shop’s emails form a computer. With integration, your employees can access the emails from the POS system and multi-task smoothly.

5.     Pricing

Make sure you are only priced for what you receive. A POS system with additional charges is not worth it. Always be inquisitive of your vendor and inquire about the price of the hardware, software and any additional features you want to incorporate in the system.

All your considerations will be satisfied if you head over to MCR POS System Solutions for your POS system purchases!



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