Kongs Oriental Shop

We have been using Idealpos and MCR for many years. The software runs our business, stock pricing and stock management. We started with version 5 about '10 years' ago now we are on the latest version 7

Idealpos gives us a strong system to manage our business. We have kept the system simple for our use, and we find the support from MCR helps when we ever have scanners break or other technical issues.

The software works very well for us and gives us the reports we need to manage our business well.

John Kong has been looking after the Asian Community for many years, supplying a wonderful variety of products that cannot be sourced from any western style supermarket.


  • Fruit Vege and Groceries Sales
  • Fast Service Clients
  • Stock Control
  • POS Sales
  • Price Management
  • Two POS terminals and Back Office

Idealpos v7

  • POS Terminal
  • Zebra Scanners
  • Docket Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Back Office Access via Teamviewer
  • Stock Control
  • Product Ordering
  • Scale Pricing

that has local support

  • Speeds up sales
  • Stock Control
  • Local Onsite Support when needed
  • Fast and Knowledgeable Support Staff.
  • Saves Time
    Allows us to know profit margins on everything we sell

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