Warwick Bowling Club

We were approached by Trevor and Garry to improve operations at the club, with emphasis on stock control and ease of use. 

I presented the Idealpos solution to the club committee on site. This allowed all committee members to ask questions and share any concerns they had about using Idealpos.

In April of 2017 Warwick Bowls Club purchased 3 Idealpos systems with perpetual licenses (no monthly costs), and this was commissioned shortly after. 

The transition to Idealpos was well received. The club continues to use the system to date. 

Warwick Bowls club also uses TYRO eftpos integration. This allows the club to use one pinpad linked to two systems, reducing operational costs of integrating eftpos.

The client facing displays recommended by MCR, helps to ensure the members see what they are being charged and the club has opportunities to promote its upcoming events.

Systems were installed on Pole Mounts with drawers neatly and securely tucked away under the benchtops. This frees up serving space for bar staff.   

Warwick Bowls club will be renovating soon, and are more than happy to continue with Idealpos and MCR as their Preferred POS provider, we hope for many years to come. 

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